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Have you ever used a Script Consultant?
Have you ever written a book only to realize that it needs refining - either partially or totally?

Have you ever tried to get a book published only to be told it needs substantial work before it can be considered?

Have you ever wanted helpful advice on the best options for publishing but not known where to turn?

Have you ever wondered where you can find an excellent ‘ghost writer’ (someone who will write your book for you)?

If you have, I empathize with you. Each of these scenarios can drain the enthusiasm and drive from even the most motivated writers
A ‘script doctor’ is a highly skilled consultant who has the ability to polish aspects of a script or rewrite an entire text. Originally used only in the context of films (in their pre-production stage), the term ‘script doctor’ is here applied to all kinds of scripts - text books, testimonies, biographies, short stories, manuals, books of Bible teaching or theology, novels, poetry, spirituality, etc.
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