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Greeting Cards
Give me a name and an occasion.  I will personalise a message for you (see example below).  Check out my work in the My Writing section.  Please Contact Us or email with your request.  Below are some examples of my comic drawings just to highlight that I can also draw.
Batman and Robin Greeting card design
Two Favorite Heroes together on one card
Avengers Greeting Card
Example for end of School Poem
Final Role Call – Bianca Amy Comito
Blue eyes beckoning beyond belief
Incredible instinct initiating imagination
Alive and alert and anxious
Newborn now not needy
Commanding canvas curiously confident
Anonymous Amore
Buoyant beauty beyond bubbly
Invigorating, inviting, intuitively inspired
Astounding abilities already applied
Neutrally nice never nasty
Cautiously clever comfortably cute
Always Amore
Bizarrely besotted beloved Bianca
Insatiable, insoluble, ingeniously insane
Acquiring accolades appropriately attired
Nephrodites nemesis not named
Comito Class Can Carry
Copyright Ian Doyle 2009