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My Children's Story Book

Feature Film for Hollywood

Hi there.  It's been a while since I've posted to this site.  I've made a few changes also.  No longer seeking to profit in any way, just wanting to share.  I'm currently writing a feature film for Hollywood that I pitched last year so stay tuned for updates there.  All the best with your own writing and please don't stop.

Cafe Open in Ormeau

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs.
Their mummy gave them some money and sent them to make their own home.

The first Little pig came upon a man selling strawberries and decided to build his house from strawberry.  I'll have lots of money left over, he thought to himself. Plenty to play with.

The 2nd little pig came upon a man selling candy sticks, and decided to make her house out of candy sticks.  Won't cost too much and I'll buy a cow with the rest, she thought.

The 3rd little pig found a man selling bricks and decided to make her house out of bricks.

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The Machine Gun Preacher

The Machine Gun Preacher Documentary by Pointman Films.

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Another story for my son

I made up another story for my son the other night.  One that he liked.  It was about a little boy alone in the desert with the dirt beneath his feet being dry and hard.  He tripped on a clump of hard, dry dirt and picked it up.  Then he started to cry because he was alone and lonely
His tears fell on the dirt and it became like clay
he then rolled it into 4 balls and from each ball he created a mummy, daddy and a brother and sister.
This made him happy and kept him company for a few days but then it wore off