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Cafe Open in Ormeau
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Cafe Open in Ormeau

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs.
Their mummy gave them some money and sent them to make their own home.

The first Little pig came upon a man selling strawberries and decided to build his house from strawberry.  I'll have lots of money left over, he thought to himself. Plenty to play with.

The 2nd little pig came upon a man selling candy sticks, and decided to make her house out of candy sticks.  Won't cost too much and I'll buy a cow with the rest, she thought.

The 3rd little pig found a man selling bricks and decided to make her house out of bricks. It will be strong and safe she thought, I'll have a fire for cooking and a chimney for warmth, and everyone will be welcome.

Well the first and second little pigs were finished building their house and asked the third little pig to come and play with them, but she could not because her house was not finished.

Quite some time passed and the second little pig decided to go home.  On her way she met a man with a cow.  How much do you want for the cow? she asked. But the cow was not for sale.  I have some magic beans the man said.  They will bring you years of joy and pleasure.  So she bought the beans with the remainder of her money.

The first Little pig spent his money playing, but he played too close to the woods.  Out of the woods jumped a big bad wolf who planned to eat him.  The first Little pig ran as fast as he could to his house of strawberries and closed the door behind him. But the wolf was on his tail and at the door he said, "little pig, little pig, let me in". And the pig replied, "not by the hair on my Chiny chin chin".  "If you don't let me in then I'll chomp and I'll chomp and I'll chew your house down". And so he chomped and he chomped and he chewed the walls down. And soon, strawberries were everywhere and the house had caved in.  Well the first Little pig grabbed some cream and some strawberries and ran as fast as he could to his sisters house of candy sticks.  And once inside they closed the door behind them.

When the wolf arrived he said "little pigs,little pigs, let me in". And the pigs replied, not by the hair on our Chiny chin chin.  "If you don't let me in then I'll chomp and I'll chomp and I'll chew your house down". And so he chomped and he chomped and he chewed. And soon, candy sticks were everywhere and the house had caved in.

The two little pigs ran as fast as they could to their sisters house of bricks.  Once inside they closed the door behind them.

The wolf arrived and said, "little pigs,little pigs, let me in". And the pigs replied, not by the hair on our Chiny chin chin. "If you don't let me in then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in". And so he huffed and he puffed and he blew. Then he huffed and he puffed and blew again. And he huffed and he puffed and he blew a third time but the house would not cave in. The three little pigs began to dance and sing "who's afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, who's afraid of the big bad wolf...Not Us".  But then they heard footsteps on the rooftop and said, quickly, lite a fire. The wolf came down the chimney, but the fire caught his tail and whoosh up the chimney he went, slid down the roof, onto the ground and ran over the hills and far far away, to his mommy who put out the flames and he never returned. The 3rd little pig then took the beans from the 2nd little pig and roasted them at the fire. She poured the coffee into three cups and added strawberries and cream.  With a little candy from the 1st little pig the three enjoyed their coffee. 

Then they invited their mommy for coffee and they cooked and ate, and danced and sang. Many people came to visit them. And the home of the 3 Little Pigs is now the 3 Little Pigs cafe.

You can find their cafe at shop 5c/19 Peachey road, Ormeau on your way from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Ph 0459781062

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