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Feature Film for Hollywood

Hi there.  It's been a while since I've posted to this site.  I've made a few changes also.  No longer seeking to profit in any way, just wanting to share.  I'm currently writing a feature film for Hollywood that I pitched last year so stay tuned for updates there.  All the best with your own writing and please don't stop.

Cafe Open in Ormeau

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs.
Their mummy gave them some money and sent them to make their own home.

The first Little pig came upon a man selling strawberries and decided to build his house from strawberry.  I'll have lots of money left over, he thought to himself. Plenty to play with.

The 2nd little pig came upon a man selling candy sticks, and decided to make her house out of candy sticks.  Won't cost too much and I'll buy a cow with the rest, she thought.

The 3rd little pig found a man selling bricks and decided to make her house out of bricks.

Comics at Comiccs

I have a new website selling Comics.  It is called (note the extra c)  Please visit.

Another story for my son

I made up another story for my son the other night.  One that he liked.  It was about a little boy alone in the desert with the dirt beneath his feet being dry and hard.  He tripped on a clump of hard, dry dirt and picked it up.  Then he started to cry because he was alone and lonely
His tears fell on the dirt and it became like clay
he then rolled it into 4 balls and from each ball he created a mummy, daddy and a brother and sister.
This made him happy and kept him company for a few days but then it wore off

Childrens book?

What you have laid out is not a “children’s book” at all, but rather a young adult book that rivals the complexities and subplots of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.  Clearly, there is a vast demographic for such a book.  But it is a significant undertaking.  A worthy one, but one that demands at once a more detailed outline, and more “literary” timeline than the one that you’ve provided. 

Free childrens story for your night time read

Here's a little childrens story for your 2-4yr old.  All rights belong to Ian Doyle
What Daddy Said
Once upon a time there was a big, big paddockand in it was a very large horse.
The horse would run and jump and play in the paddock all day. 
In the middle of the paddock was a big bail of hay and the Horse would Chomp Chomp, Chomp away on the Hay all day.
One day, while chomping away on the hay, the Horse looked up and over by the fence could see a little person. 
As she walked closer to the little person she could see that it was actually a little girl.

My Childrens Story update

Finally an update for you:  Nick must choose to save his sister or his father?  His sister hangs from a high ready to fall.  His father must be pushed into the river.  He has the opportunity to push his father and save everyone but it will mean allowing his sister to fall and not be able to save her.  A repeat of the beginning but this time he has a choice.  If he lets go of the vine he can reach his father before the transformation and wash away his grief but, if he does he will lose his sister.

The Rules for My Childrens Book

The following is a summary from the guides I have been posting onHow to write a childrens book in14 days or less.
This is MY GUIDE from which I am writing my story.
Middle Grade book for age 8-12yrs with a length of 100-150 pages with few illustrations and subplots involving secondary characters and more sophisticated themes.  Children of this age want to read about a child who successfully overcomes the problems in the plot without adult intervention.
What will the three peaks or climaxes in your story contain?

My Childrens Book

I have just posted a copy of my working notes on my website Thoughts behind the information I am choosing as I write this book.  Imagine having this information from the Authors of great Literature studied at school and University?  It would have made my assignments much easier to write.  I just hope this helps you with your own writing.  Good luck and stay posted.

Blog Comments

I am so glad to read that I am inspiring you all, that is absolutely fantastic!  I hope I can continue to do so with further updates.  Unfortunately I have had some personal issues arise that have prevented me from adding more material.  Rest assured there will me more coming.  Please visit again.