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My Children's Story Book

The 14 Day Childrens Story

My Childrens Story update

Finally an update for you:  Nick must choose to save his sister or his father?  His sister hangs from a high ready to fall.  His father must be pushed into the river.  He has the opportunity to push his father and save everyone but it will mean allowing his sister to fall and not be able to save her.  A repeat of the beginning but this time he has a choice.  If he lets go of the vine he can reach his father before the transformation and wash away his grief but, if he does he will lose his sister.

The Rules for My Childrens Book

The following is a summary from the guides I have been posting onHow to write a childrens book in14 days or less.
This is MY GUIDE from which I am writing my story.
Middle Grade book for age 8-12yrs with a length of 100-150 pages with few illustrations and subplots involving secondary characters and more sophisticated themes.  Children of this age want to read about a child who successfully overcomes the problems in the plot without adult intervention.
What will the three peaks or climaxes in your story contain?

Blog Comments

I am so glad to read that I am inspiring you all, that is absolutely fantastic!  I hope I can continue to do so with further updates.  Unfortunately I have had some personal issues arise that have prevented me from adding more material.  Rest assured there will me more coming.  Please visit again.

My Childrens Book

Hope you are following my writing progress.  Check out the first 10 pages on my site.

My Children's Story Book

Confession time...I did not complete my Childrens book in the 14 days as directed in the book "How to write a childrens book in 14 days or less"  I did however work through the book and I posted quite a few of the suggestions and examples of my progress along the way.  I also suggested that you purchasethe bookyourself and attempt to follow me on the journey toward writing our very own childrens book. How did You go? I still recommend that you do this. I would love to read your experience of working through this book and how it has benefited you.

My Childrens Book Day 14

Read your book backwards.
Rather than trying to read your book through from the beginning, start at the end.  Read the last page of the final chapter first, and work backwards.  If there’s anything on the page that shouldn’t be there, chances are you’ll spot it.
Flip through your story and see if there are any pages of solid text.  It’s all about your characters.  The story needs to be revealed through what the characters say and how they act.  Too much description will turn it into an essay.

Day 13 of How to write a Childrens Book in 14 days

Read out loud again!
Dialogue is speech, so it makes sense to check it by speaking it out loud.  Try getting some friends to help you read the different characters.  Don’t feel bad asking for help.  It isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for assistance, it’s a sign of intelligence.
Check for inconsistencies – Does one character use slang? Is it obvious who’s speaking at all times?  Have you used ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ too often?

Day 12 – Childrens Story in 14 days

You need to proofread your work and check for obvious mistakes.  One way to do this is to print out sections in isolation and go through them as if they were completely independent pieces of writing.  If it helps, you can start with the last page and work backwards.  Read the story out loud to check for any blips or problems you may have overlooked.  If possible, try to get someone else to read the story out loud to you.

Days 12 to 14 My Childrens Story in 14 days

Before we go any further, here’s a reminder of the things we’ve covered and what’s available inHow to write a Children’s book in 14 days or less:
How to write strong openings –including 10 tips to make your openings the best they can be.
The last word on character building –with printouts to help you grow your own Character Fact File
More than eight different techniques for creating and holding suspense
Tips and tricks for writing dialogue that reveals information or moves the story forward.  And don’t forget to do the

Day 11 - My Childrens story in 14 days

You need to consider the ending of your story.  You create a series of characters AND a story.  The characters are strong enough to exist separately from a single story.  Any story in which the characters are strong enough can become the springboard for a sequel or spin-off.  But it’s not always necessary.  Sometimes stories need to be wrapped up and put away.  When that’s the case, you need to make sure they come to a definite end.  Every story is different, and every ending should be, too.